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Advanced Dental Technology – CEREC®, DIAGNOdent®, Digital X-rays, Picasso® Dental Laser, and More

Advanced dental technology makes many of our treatments quicker and more comfortable than ever before. Dr. Dave C. Lee, an experienced cosmetic and restorative dentist serving patients who live in and near Fayetteville, Peachtree City, and Fayette County, uses such dental technology as CEREC® and DIAGNOdent® to improve the dental experience for his valued patients. He understands the importance of having a beautiful, healthy smile – and using the most advanced, cutting-edge dental technology to achieve the best possible results. When you entrust your smile to Dr. Lee and his knowledgeable staff, you can expect more than just outstanding dentistry and advanced technology; you can expect to have a good time!Dr. Lee and his team utilize the following dental technology:

The Wand® by CompuDent®

The Wand® by CompuDent® is a welcome solution for patients who arewand.jpg afraid of needles. Instead of the usual “prick” of traditional injections, the Wand® delivers anesthesia through a computer-controlled injection that is virtually pain free, providing a slow, gentle application of anesthetic.

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays provide detailed images of the teeth, mouth, and underlying bone structure, while producing approximately 90 percent less radiationkodak_digital.jpg than traditional x-rays. These images allow us to detect and treat dental problems in their earliest stages while preventing the development of further dental problems. Digital x-rays also allow for more time efficiency by circumventing chemical processing and digitally transferring images. With digital x-rays, Dr. Lee is able to have instantaneous image preview and availability enhancing your outpatient processing experience. In fact, our patients are the biggest benefactors of digital x-rays with improved speed and availability of images and a significant reduction of radiation.


With CEREC® technology at our Fayetteville, Peachtree City, and Fayette County-area office, Dr. Lee is able to custom craft attractive, natural-looking inlays, onlays, and crowns in just one dental visit, while the patientcerec_image.jpg relaxes in the dentist’s chair.These single-visit restorations are long lasting and customized to fit each patient’s unique facial characteristics. CEREC® dental restorations make it possible for Dr. Lee and his staff to use state of the art computer assisted technologies to treat our patients. With CEREC®, single-visit restorations allow for personalized patient treatment and a technically superior, stress-free dental experience. CEREC® software also enables 3D imaging to be processed by a CEREC® computer which stores this data for further processing.


While most tooth decays remain untreated, rest assured that the new FDA approved DIAGNOdent® cavity-detecting laser will eliminate those problem areas by scanning the tooth surface with a laser beam. diagnodent2.jpgDIAGNOdent® is a new, revolutionary technology which allows Dr. Lee to find small areas of tooth decay. By using DIAGNOdent®, Dr. Dave C. Lee is able to use preemptive treatment to target the problematic areas before they develop into larger tooth decays. DIAGNOdent® is most beneficial to patients, allowing them to feel comfortable and experience a stress-free and pleasant day at Dr. Lee’s dental practice.

AccuCam Intraoral Camera

For Dr. Dave C. Lee, patient education is a very important aspect in providing quality dental experience. Educating our patients is perhaps asaccucam.jpg important as the actual treatment. With the micro technology of the AccuCam Intraoral video Camera, we are able to share actual images of your teeth as Dr. Lee carefully provides your examination . This new technology will allow you to see through Dr. Lee’s eyes, an experience which we believe only enhances our philosophical application of patient education.

Picasso® Dental Laser

Dr. Lee has completed certification with the World Clinical Laser Institutepicasso.jpg, allowing him to use the Picasso® Dental Laser to eliminate fever blisters and cold sores. He can also desensitize teeth that are sensitive to cold temperature. With Dr. Lee's ability to treat gum disease and gummy tissue around the teeth, the Picasso® Dental Laser helps create the beautiful smiles our patients love.

Contact Dr. Dave C. Lee & Associates

Please contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dave C. Lee, D.M.D. A skilled restorative and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Lee utilizes advanced dental technology such as CEREC®, DIAGNOdent®, and Digital x-rays to serve his clients in Fayetteville, Peachtree City, and Fayette County, as well as surrounding communities.